Reach new heights

Discover your infinite potential and fulfill your goals with holistic coaching

Holistic Coaching

A powerful form of life coaching that approaches every aspect of you life: body, mind, and spirit in relation to the whole

Mental Reprogramming

Refocusing and retraining your mind to take a more proactive approach towards creating the life you’ve always wanted

Corporate Coaching

Attaining your organisational goals by streamlining your sales, customer relations and emotional intelligence

Sâmara Durval

Sâmara comes from a marketing background with specialization in neural marketing. After speding several years in a corporate environment in Brazil, she has turned her interest to mental reprogramming and holistic coaching, aiding both individuals and organsations reach their full potential. Sâmara has studied this vast field in order to combine the most effective methods in an easy to understand format.


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